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Writing, Finishing And/Or Selling Your Book(s)

"How To Use A.i. + The KCF Method To Legitimately Write, Finish, Publish, Market, And Sell Your Book(s) On A Platform That Millions Of Fiction and Non-Fiction Readers Visit Every Month”

*During this free web class, I'll even show you how to use a cheap

$20 a month A.i.(Artificial Intelligence) tool, like Chat GPT

to create digital content that you can sell and keep 100% of the profits!).

You'll be able to have a product of your own, ready to make money with in less than 90 Minutes!

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  • Bonus 1: Category Selection Sheet Cheat - Unlock the secrets of Amazon's algorithms with our Category Selection Sheet Cheat! This insider's guide helps you choose the most advantageous categories for your book, boosting visibility and skyrocketing your sales. - Value $27.00

  • Bonus 2: Social Media Promotion Calendar - Plan your path to social media stardom with our Social Media Promotion Calendar! Tailored for authors and self-publishers, this calendar is your blueprint for building buzz, engaging readers, and driving book sales across all platforms. - Value $47.00

  • Bonus 3: Email Marketing Strategies - Transform your email list into a goldmine with our Email Marketing Strategies for authors! Learn how to craft compelling campaigns that captivate subscribers, nurture a community of avid readers, and turn your inbox into a powerful sales tool. - Value $27.00

  • ​Bonus 4: Author Networking Guide - Expand your literary circle with the Author Networking Guide! Discover the art of making valuable connections with peers, influencers, and industry professionals. This guide is your ticket to creating opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships that can take your author career to new heights. - Value $47.00

Total Value - $148.00

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Here is what you will learn on this webinar:

  • How to create your own eBook (even if you are NOT a writer)

  • Why this method is attractive to both newbies and seasoned veterans alike, allowing both to do extremely well with it!

  • How to get started immediately after the presentation :)

  • How to find out if your topic idea is "in demand" before you even publish it.

  • How to outsource things such as Your content (ebooks, reports, covers, etc)

  • Where to get high-quality products to sell (No writing or product creation required...

    Plus you'll keep 100% of the profits ;)

  • The best prices to price your ebook for maximum sales and profit.

  • How to take advantage of Amazon's newest model.

  • How to "title" your Kindle ebooks the right way (This has a tremendous impact on how well your ebooks will sell and during this webinar, we'll explain why.. You don't want to miss this)

  • A fast track, 3 step process to tapping into an explosive trend.

  • The most up to date methods that are working today using this method.

  • Plus, you'll see how I get others to come in and help me with the work, while I collect the profits.

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